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Using EMDR Therapy For PTSD Treatment Using EMDR Therapy For PTSD Treatment January 1 Jets Quincy Enunwa Jersey , 2015 | Author: Young Lindsay | Posted in Education
Post traumatic stress disorder causes psychological problems like severe anxiety, persistent flashbacks, and unending nightmares among mental problems. It develops mainly after experiencing or witnessing terrifying events. These events pose a threat to the physical well-being of individuals, their lives, or those of other persons. Applying EMDR therapy for PTSD dampens the emotionally charged past memories that occur after experiencing a traumatic event.

Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing- EMDR offers a comprehensive as well as integrative psychological approach in treating this disorder. Epidemiology of this syndrome shows that it has a prevalence of about 8 to 10 percent in a lifetime, and is responsible for a lot of disability and morbidity. It is more common among the female gender than in their male counterparts.

Part of the brain called the amygdale, is closely linked with pathogenesis of PTSD. When this part of brain is activated by frightening input, it can induce to fear that triggers stimulation of other related structures such as nuclei parabrachial, locus ceruleus, hypothalamus Jets Erin Henderson Jersey , and periaqueductal gray. Such stimulation effect triggers the production of hormone and neurotransmitter substances, which are the chief cause of symptoms.

The activation and release of neurotransmitter and hormones triggers many of the symptoms observed in this disturbing syndrome. An inhibiting effect is provided by the orbitofrontal cortex on this activation. Another modulating effect to the amygdala is by the hippocampus. In patients with this disorder, the orbitofrontal cortex appears to be ineffective in inhibiting the amygdala activation mainly due to stress-induced atrophy of the nuclei involved.

Individual vulnerability is also contributed by aftermath factors such as social support from relatives, hyperarousal aspects, and re-experiences. Patients are likely to experience signs and symptoms such as negative moods or feeling, re-experiencing of such bad events, consequential numbness, avoidance, and hyperarousal. For one to be effectively diagnosed of this condition, he or she must display some or all of the signs for a period of more than a month following the event.

The chances of developing the disorders are also determined by hyperarousal as well as re-experiences. In order for a patient to show positive results from examination Jets Mike Catapano Jersey , they have to display some or all of these signs for about 30 days after the terrifying event. However, the period may vary significantly.

The syndrome may also affect your general appearance with patients often showing a poor personal hygiene and untidiness. Somatic complaints are also common. A few people develop complications such as depression and anxiety. Its consequences can range from subtle to avid and it affects the quality of life greatly. Other patients may have issue with drug abuse and alcohol. Other complications include eating disorders and suicidal thoughts or actions.

Treatment is both psychotherapy and pharmacotherapy centered. Psychotherapy involves cognitive therapy, exposure therapy and eye movement desensitization and reprocessing therapy. In EMDR treatment, a therapists uses his or fingers and moves them back and forth on the eyes and asks the patients to follow the motions using the eyes. The therapist also asks the patients to recall the disturbing events. Therapists may also use other methods like toe tapping and musical tones.

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