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Try to unlock Speed Battle in Adventure of Heroes Mine

It's not all scary obstacles and sudden games for our three-dimensional protagonist though.Developer Adventure of Heroes released his throwback platformer this week, "Adventure of Heroes".This currency can be used between levels to purchase over 40 additional cube characters (some of which are just too darn cute to spoil here!).The score is all-original and is also entirely chiptune, or 8-bit, and it works in the background to accentuate the gameplay.From spikes and lasers to vats of acid and pools of lava, there is no shortage of one-hit death traps gleefully waiting to halt your progress.

Not only that-every playthrough is procedurally generated, constantly keeping players on their toes.The original was released over four years ago and has been downloaded over 20 million times.Released by Herogo, original adventure game is a brawler that's recently been released on to Android.The game features an open world format, with 60 missions for the main quest of the game, as well as 40 arcade challenges (which are a quick play format) as well.Controlling regular movement is not a worry in this game, as your cube is always slowly bouncing forward whilst not jumping.

Along with the impulse to achieve an ever-higher score, this will be players' primary motivation for coming back to the game-not including the fact that simply making your little cube jump is surprisingly addictive!In this case it's out of 3 stars and are dependent on how close you come to the target.It required multiple attempts on almost every room, and had me thanking my stars for the strategically placed save points.In this game, players will assume the role of a young boy whose father has disappeared under mysterious circumstances.Mastering these simple controls is the key to avoiding the myriad obstacles our little brave friend faces.Stylistically the developer chose to go with a 4-color palette and even the pixel height of the Adventure games free download, bringing the past into the future.

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