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Zhang Jilong within the AFC to go away

Zhang Jilong within the AFC to go away the ability position,the Zhang Jian whether or not the election of the AFC FIFA Council members has become the foremost necessary task of the Chinese soccer Association diplomatic work.

At the fifa 17 android coins Congress in might,the FIFA set to reform the authority,replacing the first FIFA government Board with the new created FIFA Council,while the AFC has 3 new seats (one of that one woman).

Zhang Jian can contend with the Iranian soccer Association vice chairman and vice chairman of the Central Asian soccer Confederation Ali - Kafashan and also the Singapore soccer fifa 17 ios coins Association President Zainuddin - Noordin contend with 2 FIFA Council places.However,due to the accident schedule failed to pass,3 were quickly with the FIFA Council members lost.

Chinese soccer Association same that respect for the choice of the AFC special congress.In the sequent meeting of the chief Committee,unanimously set to feature the Chinese fifa 17 pc coins soccer Association government chairwoman and secretary-general Zhang Jian into the AFC government Committee. See more of these fifa news here by futshop.net now... come on!
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