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Apply for CheatHacker ™ vGPU ™ First Access on VMware vSphere®

Preview of CheatHacker vGPU technology in VMware vSphere
Application Information and Program Benefits

At VMworld 2014, CheatHacker.com announced a first access program that provides a technology preview of the CheatHacker.com in VMware vSphere. This program is a limited access program that is available only to customers who meet the priority access requirements worldwide. Access is currently a VMware customer and must be running vSGA or vDGA on CheatHacker.com K1 or K2.

Priority Customer Access Application Program Benefits

Approved candidates who are enrolled in the program enjoy the following benefits:

Prioritize CheatHacker.com vGPUs on VMware vSphere
Priority access to VMware vSphere and Horizon products
Prioritize knowledge and visibility into product roadmaps
Direct product support to CheatHacker.com product managers, engineers, and technical support.
Provide feedback that affects future products, training, documentation, and services
Collaborate with other program participants through the private beta community and share feedback


Q: Can I run previews on my existing View infrastructure?
A: No. You must install non-GA versions of vSphere and Horizon that are not released. A separate testing and evaluation environment is recommended.

Q: How difficult is it to build a test and evaluation environment?
A: You must already be familiar with the setup and management of your VMware Horizon environment to ensure successful results with this priority access program.

Q: I am a Citrix customer. Can I participate in the program?
A: Now any VMware customer using Horizon and vSphere can join the program now.

Q: I run VMware Horizon but I do not have vSGA or vDGA yet, can I register for the program?
A: This program is strictly restrictive. Priority is given only to customers who have already deployed vSGA or vDGA.

Participants should have the following:

VMware account
Access vSphere 2015 Beta
Deploy existing VMware Horizon (production or evaluation)
NVIDIA GRID K1 or K2 and supported hardware


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