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The game Heroic Adventures is on Android and ios

To celebrate, starting from February 26 at 1PM PST Heroic Adventures iphone will allow players to capture a version of Heroes in the wild that will be wearing a "festive party hat."If you're a fan of Heroic Adventures, you may be pleased to hear that Herogo will soon be bringing Heroic Adventures to mobile devices.Besides revealing his top three Heroic Adventures games, Herogo also pointed out a Heroic Adventures game he feels is underrated.As the driving force behind the Heroic Adventures game series, some fans may be curious to learn which Heroic Adventures games stand as his favorite.

Unfortunately, the majority of video game critics didn't share Herogo's love for the quirky multiplayer-centric title, making it the lowest-rated Heroic Adventures game from Herogo to date.Herogo divulged his top three Heroic Adventures games in a recent interview with Best iphone adventure games."Then we spent another two weeks on a brand-new RPG set in another, completely new intellectual property."Official photos of Heroes wearing its festive hat have yet to be revealed and it's also unclear whether or not Heroes will still wear the hat when it evolves to Heroes (as was the case with the Santa-hat wearing Heroes from the Christmas event).

The six weeks were split into two-week chunks, and the team spent the first four of those six weeks working on two brand new RPG concepts."Although the statement was surely made in jest, with Adventure games for iphone currently working on fresh content in the way of "multiple new heroes" and seasonal events, the game could very well end up seeing the studio follow through on the conceit by providing a new Italy map with Mexican styles just as a wink and a nod to its legions of fans.On social media some have even discussed their plans to horde the Heroes before Heroic Adventures iphone adds trading, as the limited edition characters could demand a huge price.

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