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Happiness is a Clean and Tidy Car

If you are like many people, you spend a fair amount of time each day in your car running Happiness is a Clean and Tidy Car errands or commuting back and forth to work. As a result of all this car activity, many times we can get to the point where it seems like we are almost living in our car. Unfortunately, this can also result in a imagemessy car. Driving around in a messy or dirty car is unpleasant and can add unnecessary stress and unhappiness to your day. Getting into a messy car is also a demoralizing way of starting your morning.If you want to feel better and enjoy your daily commute more, try giving your car a good cleaning both inside and out. To do this, start with a trash bag and a cardboard box. Clean out your trunk and the interior of your car, throwing all trash into the trash bag, while placing anything that isn't trash but doesn't belong in your car into the box. Don't forget to clean all of the interior compartments as well. When finished, throw away the trash and put everything in the box back where it belongs. If everything is organized, you will be even more satisfied in the long run.

Now that all the junk is out of the car, it will be much easier to clean. For this part of the process, you will need a roll of paper towels or some soft rags, a bottle of spray cleaner, upholstery cleaner, a container of carpet deodorizer, and a small auto vacuum. If you don't have an appropriate vacuum, you can also go to a car wash and use their vacuum. Using the cleaner and towels, wipe down all the hard surfaces inside your car. If there are any spots on the seats, use the upholstery cleaner to remove them. Sprinkle the carpeting with deodorizer and then vacuum. Repeat this process with the trunk.

Once your car is sparking clean inside, wash the outside and clean the windows until they sparkle. Then, make sure you replace anything inside the car that you really need, such as an ice scraper or an emergency blanket in the trunk. Even resetting the music stations on your speed dials to ones that you've been meaning to add can make you happier down the road. You will find that your next morning commute will be much more pleasant in your newly cleaned car.

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