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Brown long curtains

Buying different kind of curtains can build different home atmosphere. If your house is nearby the street, you’d better choose to build a warm atmosphere in order to help to relax and calm yourself.

There’s a good choice of curtains which can make a warm home, that is the brown curtain. The brown curtain can make our room be gorgeous and comfortable.

brown shabby chic long curtains

Choosing long curtains to decorate your house

Long curtains are normally more gorgeous than normal sized curtains. A brown long curtain can add beauty to our house, especially to the sitting room. Imaging that you have a cup of tea or coffee in the evening, sitting behind the window, viewing the beautiful scenery from outside, and the long curtain is blown by wind, how comfortable and dreamy is that.

You need to take some things into consideration when buy long curtains. For instance, the size of room and window is important, and the decoration style of the house is also quite significant. We have to use a standard ruler to measure the window’s size to figure out the length between the floor and the curtain rod.

Vintage long curtains

Besides, you can also choose long curtain as you shower curtain. Some people may consider that the long curtain only fit to the sitting room or bedroom, however, this thought is incorrect. The brown long curtain can also be used in the bathroom, because it can totally protect your privacy when you take shower.

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