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Drying the Brush Your hairbrush is now clean, but before you start using it you should make sure that it is completely dry. To dry the brush, you should spread out a clean towel, and then take the wet brush and place it on the towel, such that the bristles are in contact with the towel. Leave it in this position for a few hours. If you want, you can keep the brush wrapped in the towel for a couple of hours. Once the hairbrush is dry, you can start using it. Using a clean brush will obviously be more beneficial than using a dirty one. So see that you clean your boar bristled hairbrush regularly, preferably after every use. No woman is ever happy with the texture or quality of hair. Women with curly or wavy hair aspire for poker straight hair and woman with straight hair wants some soft curls to give their hair more bounce and body. However, of late, natural straight hair is what most women desire instead of the chemically treated poker straight hair. In my opinion straight hair that is shiny, silky and natural looking is more appealing than the poker straight hair look that, to tell you the truth, looks a bit fake and unnatural. Another option to get straight hair would be to flat iron it with a hair straightener but it gives hair a very flat and unnatural look. With makeup and clothes all focusing on the natural look, could hairstyles be left far behind.

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