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There are several types of surgery

There are several types of surgery. Some limit the stomach area as adjustable band through the telescope and some reduce the absorption of nutrients such as sleeve mastectomy. Some are a combination of the two, as gastric band Rowe Aon- Y, which is the most common process that also produces the highest weight loss.
Excessive weight loss can be up to 58% by weight of patients to achieve stability after two years. Weight gain may occur, and this may be due to diet or not after surgeries that require amendment fails.
It may be noted that if the number of surgeries Pure Colon Detox increased to anything like what is necessary to deal with the epidemic of obesity / diabetes, also need to improve resources for long-term follow up of these patients. The doctors will be needed for support, especially as it is not enough follow-up entrepreneur, especially for those who have operations with the health sectors and even overseas.

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