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Players will act as the mayor of a village in Clash Of Ninja

"While 343 didn't provide any details beyond that, it's enough to get many gamers chatting online about the upcoming addition and what it could be.Each clan will feature three tri-class cards, including one Legendary.Players who are tired of all the Naruto games or Ninja games ultimate abilities hogging the glory in Naruto games online's Naruto slg feature are in luck, as Ninja games online announces that it is looking to change up the formula in favor of a more team-based format.

At this point, Clash Of Ninja is probably better off continuing to come up with zany game modes like Clash Of Ninja for Heroes while focusing on other games like Naruto games that have established a larger e-sports following.But there's no denying that Heroes viewership numbers on Twitch pale in comparison to Naruto games, Naruto online game and even some other SLG-inspired titles like Ninja online games.The patch brings back the popular Joygames raid zone from the Burning Crusade era, only this time it's been re-created as a 5-man dungeon so it's even more accessible.

Hopefully when 343 says the classic playlist is coming "relatively soon", it means gamers can expect the update before the end of the year, and possibly before December.The release of Ninja games could potentially shake up the competitive scene for the game, especially with the new tri-class cards in play.We could make up a whole lot of ecologies and things there, but at the end of the day, it would feel like a very one-note, alien expansion.Naruto clash of ninja will be receiving its fourth expansion later this year, entitled Ninja games.There's no denying the fact that Naruto clash of ninja is running a distant third in popularity in the SLG space to Clash Of Ninja and Ninja games online.

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