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Sleeping too little Night sleep

Sleeping too little Night sleep less than five hours, the performance difficulty falling asleep, light sleep, or wake up early, and so easy to wake up, sleep too much to be Somnapure environmental factors (indoor ambient light too strong Cloying ﹑ came ﹑ night shift ﹑ ship in a car a strange place) ﹑ physical factors (pain coughing ﹑ itching tea bedtime drink or coffee, or diarrhea, frequent urination at night, etc.) or psychological factors (anxiety, fear ﹑ excessive thoughts or excitement) noted. Some diseases are often accompanied by insomnia, anxiety, such as neurasthenia ﹑ depression. Sleep-related diseases Respiratory system is still active, but to stop the air flow (snoring): obstructive sleep apnea. Central sleep apnea: brief stop breathing, often with central nervous system diseases.

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