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Players can explore new server in Adventure of Heroes

Each big Adventure of Heroes robot also has their own unique skills and abilities that players can take advantage of when in combat.You'll need to create as many potions as you can, all of which actually need to work.As food and supplies dwindle in the penthouse, players will be forced to scavenge for more, within the hotel, and along the way must brave the horrors that roam within.Gain the most skill tokens and you will win the game.You can check out some of the gameplay ahead of downloading the game with the trailer below, as well as additional screenshots.

Adventure of Heroes is available for download off of Google Play in two different versions.Once you learn about the truth of the world, essentially finishing the game, Adventure of Heroes actually opens up into a bigger world.If you're interested in checking this game out, Card games can be picked up off of Google Play for free.Customizing your robots can be from its armor to its weapons, movement and so on.This is a team-based RPG, so along the way you will meet up with other people who will join you on your quest.There is also Adventure card games.

You can play against AI opponents, or go up against other players.There is also the paid full version, which has all of the same content as the free version, along with the RPG, but does give you a boost with additional in-game currency right at the start.When it does arrive, it will cost a flat $6.99.Herogo has released a new retro-style RPG onto Android called Adventure of Heroes Android where you'll be heading off on a journey to save the world from being destroyed.It does include option RPG as well.You'll be assuming control of the hero in this game, which happens to be some 15yr old kid who has lost his parents, siblings, and childhood friend named Leneria.

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