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The snoring sound is produced

The snoring sound is produced when the uvula or the soft palate sticks against the back of your throat and creates obstruction in the pharynx. Did you know? A person whose neck circumference is bigger than 16 inches is more likely to snore. Also, shorter and over-weight women snore more than others. Snoring Vitapulse sounds measure between 50 to 100 decibels. Snoring may occur due to allergies, cold, sleeping position, alcohol, smoking, nasal and sinus problems. Recent researches have been aimed at investigating the link between snoring and heart diseases. Snoring and Heart Attack Risks Snoring disrupts your body's natural cardiac rhythm while you are sleeping. It creates a state of hypertension in the body due to the lack of oxygen which decreases the body's immunity. We sleep for about one-third part of our lives.

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