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Players can level up quickly in Clash of Ninja

Joygames has said it is working with Naruto SLG on a smarter way to provide fans with a steady stream of content in the wake of the sequel, but perhaps whatever strategy that exists is trickling down into the ramp up to an actual sequel.Most players are grinding to get all of their characters up to the 400 Light level cap and any near gear they may be chasing.Then again, Clash Of Ninja as a whole is no stranger to adversity - after all, the original game was even created out of a failed project itself.

After all, PC and Naruto slg sales have been dropping, with the company's struggling home console also seeing production stop in Japan.The Clash Of Ninja characters have been added into Ninja online games.Meanwhile, the PC game deals continue, with $25 to save on the likes of Ninja games online.Ninja games online is not the only place to pick up Joygames games on the cheap, though.Fans are hoping Naruto SLG can avoid the content drought that occurred after Joygames naruto, which lasted months before the small April Update infused a little bit of life back into the game for a time.

Unfortunately, fans of the original game are unlikely to ever see a sequel get released, at least under the wing of Clash Of Ninja Games.Ninja games is said to be on track for release next year, with most assuming the launch will mirror the fall release pattern Naruto SLG's games have always had.The city itself would have been more dynamic than the one found in the first Clash Of Ninja, with the player apparently being given the ability to arrest any game in the game world.While the addition of Lillie and Naruto clash of ninja into Ninja online games.From November 24-26, Target is also sharing the deals, with $15 off select Joygames, including Naruto slg, Ninja games, and Naruto games online.

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