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Adventure games 2016 actually looks pretty good

The game, called Adventure of Heroes, will be a cross-platform title between Android and iOS, and will also feature AR and Location-based mechanics mixed into everything.The world consists of ten regions, spanning through jungles, volcanoes, beaches, and more.Made for up to six players, this strategy game is all about one thing.If you're ready for a raring, tearing, ride-em-high digi-board game all about thieving and banditing, Adventure of Heroes ios may be the one for you.As a new day dawns, so does a new combat strategy game as the RPG Adventure of Heroes comes to iOS and Android.

With dozens of holes to work through, super pretty isometric graphics, and a bunch of game modes to peruse, Adventure games 2016 looks like it could be a great on-the-go game.Excitingly though, you can finally get involved with its limited beta soon as the game's pre-registration has opened.Use your wits, your freshest tactics, and your advanced arsenal of weapons and vehicles to pave your way to total victory.As well as the multiplayer campaign, you can also work your way through an extensive single player campaign which features six unique bandits, each with their own goal/challenges, and 30 graphic novel-like chapters (five for each character).

However, Adventure of Heroes is supremely charming where others tend to fall short.We will be going hands-on with an early build of Adventure of Heroes, so stay tuned for that over the next few days.Most of the content seems to play out using the surroundings near you.By using drawn cards to manoeuvre around the train, you'll jump from wagon to wagon, take out rival players, and attempt to collect as much money as you can.If this sounds right up your alley grab the game now on the App Store for £4.99/$6.99 or Google Play for a similar price.

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